Hydro-tek factories are located at Kyunggi-do South Korea, Bangkok Thailand as well as in Malaysia and China. With over 15 years experiences in Hydraulic power unit and it's system, Hydro-tek crews have created hydraulic power unitsas customers' applications and stablized them in markets. We also have supported our customers' needs with prompt actions, so that they can have good reputations from end users or have great brand powers.

With well skilled workers, Hydro-Tek delivers the orders as quickly as what customers want and tries to keep good quality & stable quality whatever order quanities are. Our power units and companants are delivered to customer after 100 % testing. QC divison tests each and every pieces and be sure in quality before shipping With well-educated salesmen, our customers always are satisfied with full & quick supports for their inquires and customizing.

We are working with best engineers in Hydraulic system, techniceans and designers to keep up Hydraulic market trend and modify our systems.

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