Brand: ATP (USA)

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Tubing and Hoses:

•      1. Surethane NSF 51 Polyurethane Tubing

•      2. Nylochem Nylon 12, Value-Tube Polyethylene Tubing

       & Embibe NSF 61 Polyethylene Tubing

•      3. Armor-Weld and Monoshield Spatter Resistant

       Weld Tubing

•      4. Polyurethane Spiral Hoses

•      5 Technibond

•      6. Armor-Air Braided Hose



Surethane® NSF 51® Polyurethane

ATP Surethane® NSF 51® polyurethane (PUR) Shore A 98 tubing is made from the highest quality raw materials available. It is ether-based to provide excellent hydrolysis, oil and cold resistance. Surethane® NSF 51® is strong and flexible and offers superior kink resistance compared to other tubing. It is 5 to 10 times more wear resistant and lighter in weight than any rubber hose.