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Hydro – Tek is proud to be the official distribution partner of genuine Airtac compressed air equipment in the Vietnamese market. Airtac – established in 1988 and full name Airtac International Group is a corporation headquartered in TaiWan, one of the leading companies in the field of professional pneumatic equipment manufacturing in the region.

AIRTAC – Famous brand of compressed air equipment

Airtac is a famous pneumatic equipment manufacturer headquartered in TaiWan. Airtac products are highly appreciated for their quality, competitive prices and diversity
Airtac’s pneumatic equipment is widely used in many industries. Specifically, they are applied in the food industry, packaging, manufacturing industry, electronics industry, medical equipment and brick manufacturing industry, etc.
Airtac product lines include:
1. Preparation Units
2. Control Components
3. Actuators
4. Fittings Tubing Accessories
5. Guide

1. Preparation Units

Thiết bị khí nén Airtac

           (Hydro-tek genuine distributor of Airtac compressed air equipment)

2. Control Components

• Line Filters & Regulators (GA Series)
• Line filters & regulators (GP Series)
• Pressure Switches
• Vacuum components
Thiết bị khí nén Airtac

Thiết bị khí nén Airtac

  (Hydro-tek genuine distributor of Airtac compressed air equipment)

3. Actuators

• Standard cylinder
• Small cylinder
• Compact cylinder
• Sliding table cylinder
• Guided cylinder
• Magnetic cylinders do not require rods
• Pneumatic clamps
• Rotary table cylinder
• Mini Multi-Mount
• Clamping cylinder
• Rotating clamping cylinder
• Staple cylinder
• Cylinder accessories
Xi lanh khí nén Airtac

Xi lanh khí nén Airtac

  (Hydro-tek genuine distributor of Airtac actuators)
4. Fittings Tubing Accessories
• Shock Absorbers
• One-touch accessories
• One-touch stainless steel fittings
• PU pipes
• PA pipes, fireproof pipes
• Compressed air indicator

Thiết bị khí nén Airtac

  (Hydro-tek distributes genuine Airtac accessories & hoses)
5. Guide
• Linear guide
• Linear guide life

Thiết bị khí nén Airtac

  (Hydro-tek distributes genuine Airtac guidance equipment)

Hydro-tek Vietnam – The most reputable genuine distributor of Airtac compressed air equipment today.

Hydro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a member of HYDRO-TEK group, established in 1994 in Korea. Leading in Korea in manufacturing hydraulic equipment.
In addition to contributing to the development of the group, Hydro-Tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is also proud to be the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for famous brands in the production of hydraulic and gas equipment. The world’s leading compression and automatic equipment. We are committed to bringing to customers:
• Quality products, reputable, complete information.
• Quick technical support and processing.
• Best prices in the market.
• Available inventory, quick delivery.
Please contact us immediately for the best purchasing support via hotline: 0906.80.52.99. We will always be willing to meet all of our customers’ needs and ensure satisfaction with our products and services. we.
Hydro-tek Vietnam Company Limited
Address: 449G/10 Le Quang Dinh, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Hotline: 0906.80.52.99
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