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Hydro-Tek is proud to be the distributor of genuine Binks paint spraying equipment in the Vietnam market. We currently offer product bins including airbrush spray guns, piston airless paint sprayers, and paint sprayers. To reference more information, you can access the website Binks here:

Binks – A pioneering brand in the market

Binks paint spray gun product lines, especially Wren Airbrush are integrated with leading air compression technology. This is also the reason why many factories around the world trust this product, and at the same time combine it with other Binks paint spraying equipment such as piston pneumatic paint sprayer and paint film pump.

Perhaps few people know, Mr. Binks was the first to invent the world’s first pneumatic spray gun in 1887, when he was just an ordinary low-level warehouse worker in the US. His invention maximized the limitations of other manual painting methods when all methods of applying paint required the use of brushes or rollers, leading to waste of paint and finishing quality at least.

Not to mention for large projects, construction by brush requires a long and laborious construction time as well as the skill of the painter. In 1890, Joseph Binks officially introduced the first brushless water-based paint sprayer on the market and was highly appreciated by customers at that time. The launch of this paint sprayer has made Binks a pioneer in the airless paint industry as his innovation has revolutionized the paint industry by dramatically reducing Paint time in high-rise buildings in the city.

Following the success of the previous product, in 1920, Binks launched a handheld spray gun that thoroughly optimized the limitations of the old device. The proof is that after this product hit the market, it was immediately applied to key manufacturing industries, agriculture, and automobile manufacturing.

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In 2015, Binks was acquired by Carlisle and became one of six famous sub-brands of this company. That created a big turning point in Binks’ career later.

In addition to focusing on manufacturing automatic and manual spray guns at high and low pressure, Binks also provides a full range of accessories and equipment for industrial paint spraying. Binks paint sprayers are used for the preparation and application of lacquers, epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, polyester paints, and more.

Through more than 130 years of research and continuous development, the coating technology in Binks equipment has always improved over time, not to be slowed down by the technology of the times, and received high praise from experts. in many fields around the world.

Binks wren airbrush, piston pneumatic paint sprayer, diaphragm pump, and paint spraying equipment distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam

Wren Airbrush

Wren Airbrush, also known as fine art pen, is a device for artistic drawing techniques based on the method of spraying paint colors in the form of compressed air. The main use of the airbrush is to create lines and textures like a paintbrush, compact and convenient. Thereby, it can meet the needs of the painting and the aesthetic preferences of many customers. Airbrush spray guns are increasingly used in the automotive, motorcycle, or art painting industries.

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Binks Wren Airbrush
– Simple operation
– Easy to maintain
– Flexible
– Easy to use
– Gives a very good paint color

Binks Wren Airbrush is no exception, the device is simple to operate, easy to maintain and repair, and produces high efficiency with a short operating time. In addition, the unit is controlled by rotating the paint nozzle to allow more paint to be drawn into the air stream for optimum paint product quality. Binks Wren Airbrush is used in jobs such as spraying ink, stains, dyes, thin lacquer, or ceramic enamel.

Piston pneumatic paint sprayer

Binks piston airless paint sprayer is a high-pressure paint sprayer with a piston injection system for strong flow and high capacity. By using a specially designed piston pump housing, this device is resistant to the corrosion of oils, as well as solvents mixed with paint.

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Binks piston pneumatic paint sprayer
– Low Ice Lubricant-Free Air Motor
– Sealing ring
– Stainless steel liquid part
– Tungsten Carbide ball seat, ceramic coated piston for maximum performance, long life
– Even thrust creates an even and smooth paint flow
– Metal tube control for long life
– Incorporating a magnetic detector eliminates downtime
– Fluid connections ensure smooth flow

Binks piston paint sprayer has a compact design with high pressure and quick spray paint flow. Thanks to its outstanding features, it is suitable for water-based painting of walls, oil painting of steel structure tools, shipbuilding, automobile, truck, or rig industries.

Diaphragm Pumps

The Blinks Paint Diaphragm Pump is a flexible moving paint pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating movement of rubber, plastic, or Teflon membrane in a suitable way to push paint out. This device must use a compressed airflow to operate, more specifically it also has the function of transporting acids, dilute slurries as well as perfect self-priming.

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Binks Diaphragm Pumps DX70
– Compatible with universal paints including ceramic enamel coatings
– Unique compartment design, consistent pressure supply cup, and easily adjustable paint flow
– Air valve 1000 cc/min
– Regulator for independent control of pump and spray gun fluid, air pressure
– Fast color change, save time and money, reduce downtime
– Easy to maintain

The outstanding advantage of Binks diaphragm pumps is that they can still pump liquids directly without having to recheck the valves. At the same time, it can pump a variety of paints such as solid paint, water paint, and liquid paint, thereby saving customers time and money.

Binks wren airbrush, piston pneumatic paint sprayer, Diaphragm Pumps and paint spraying equipment – Advantages and applications

Advantages of Binks paint spraying equipment

  • In addition to the variety of types, Binks’ spray paint products are also diverse in design with technical parameters suitable for many different needs.
  • Binks equipment is applied in many fields in many different industries from heavy industry to light industry.
  • Each Binks spray paint product has its unique structure and design for optimal performance in each application.
  • Using high quality and durable materials
  • Always being improved to improve working efficiency and user experience
  • All products come with specific instructions for use and a specific warranty for customers to use with peace of mind

Applications of Binks paint spraying equipment

  • Building construction, interior, and exterior decoration: painting becomes easier and brings more efficient work progress and higher productivity.
  • Producing furniture, fine art, ceramics: products that need detailed and meticulous spray paint equipment to bring high perfection like Binks.
  • Automotive mechanics; auto parts manufacturing, motorcycle parts: bring high paint finish, avoid wasting paint, time and effort.
  • Production of household appliances: paint treatment is uniform, smooth and durable, ensuring quality and aesthetics.

In particular, Binks paint spraying equipment is always trusted by businesses and customers to use in the production and finishing process of high-end products of the above manufacturing industries. In general, compared with traditional paint tools, Binks paint sprayers bring convenience, savings, high productivity as well as create a much better and even paint layer.

Currently, Hydro-Tek Vietnam is a leading supplier of hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, paint spray equipment, actuators, and genuine robotic arms in the country. Some of the industrial equipment brands distributed at Hydro-Tek include SMC, ANEST IWATA, REXROTH, BINKS, FIRESTONE, and STM.

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