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Firestone is a leading pioneer in the supply of industrial gas springs, Firestone has affirmed a firm position in the market during the past 100 years. The products of Firestone diversified design, high applicability and meeting operating specifications from many different industries: car; truck; manufacturing industry;… with many different local names such as gas springs, air mattresses, air pillows, air cylinders, dampers, gas vibration damping devices, actuators,….

Hydro-Tek is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Firestone products in Vietnam. We would like to introduce to our customers the most outstanding products of the company include:

  • Air spring – Used as actuator (Air spring as actuator): Widely used as an alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, overcoming the disadvantages of 2 cylinders above as not affected by corrosive environment (physical chemistry); Withstand the warping, the difference between the two ends, small size Firestone gas springs are applied to the narrow position that cylinders often cannot meet.
  • Gas springs – Used as dampers (Airmount Isolator): Ability to limit the vibration and vibration of machines, details and constructions during use.
  • Airpicker and Airgripper: Created by controlling the amount of air and pressure in the storage bags, combined with the special movement of rubber. The product can be applied to any type of machine, detail, or project required by the customer.

For detailed information, please visit www.firestoneip.com



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