Launched in 1994, Hydro-Tek is now the world’s leading manufacturer of mini hydraulic power packs, headquartered in Korea and with many global distribution agents. Stemming from the user’s understanding of the obstacles faced by users when using a hydraulic power unit that is inefficient, difficult to transport, and complicated to operate, Hydro-Tek created, designed and optimized the production system of its own hydraulic power pack. In just a short time, Hydro-Tek brand has become famous in many countries such as China, Japan, USA, Canada, European Union countries, … Up to now, Hydro-Tek is persistently researching and manufacturing high-tech hydraulic power sets that meet a wide range of applications, made up of top materials in Korea and competitively priced in the market.

In addition to mass-produced standard power supplies, the hydraulic power packs that are tailored to the needs and individual applications of each customer are also Hydro-tek’s strengths.

Not only providing high quality products with good performance created by a team of skilled engineers, Hydro-Tek always makes customers happy with the prompt and effective support from our professional consultation.

Some common applications of the Hydro-Tek Hydraulic Power Unit: Forklift; Bat-winged trucks, lift tables, trailers, car lift tables, motorcycle lifters, dock levelers, power supplies for lifting equipment in other industries, and power supplies in civil applications.

For detailed information, please visit www.hydro-tek.com


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