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Yuken Kogyo is a leader in manufacturing and sales of hydraulic systems and products. Since its founding 54 years ago, Yuken Always focus on research and development of hydraulic products with product lines including: oil pumps and motors, pressure control valves, directional valves, hydraulic control equipment….

Hydro-tek Vietnam is proud to be a distributor of Yuken. Our company supplies all of hydraulic equipment’s Yuken Such as: Single hydraulic pump, Double hydraulic pump, Hydraulic press, Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic power source with manual pressure control, Hydraulic control valve, Electric reversing valve, 1 way throttle valve, Valve Electromagnetic control, Secondary solenoid control valve, safety valve, proportional valve, hydraulic pump, single hydraulic pump …

For detailed information, please visit www.yuken.co.jp/english


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