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Hydro-Tek is proud to be the official distributor of genuine CKD pneumatic equipment in the Vietnamese market. We currently provide CKD products including: Pneumatic (Cylinder, pneumatic handle and valve system, CKD control sensor), Fluid control (Solenoid valve for solution, steam, chemical control CKD electric or pneumatic), Electronic components (Mechanical transmission, Absodex, CKD electric turntable), and many other devices.

CKD – One of the world’s leading brands of pneumatic accessories, valves and semiconductor products

CKD is one of the World’s Leading brands, specializing in manufacturing pneumatic accessories, multi-purpose valves, mechanical indexing systems along with semiconductor products in Japan. CKD is highly appreciated for its quality and design.

CKD is owned by CKD Corporation, with its main factory headquarters in Aichi province, Japan. Previously, the company specialized in distributing machine parts in the aviation and automobile sectors. By 1945, the company moved into the field of research and development of pneumatic equipment. CKD machinery equipment is always trusted and given top priority by customers.

Hydro-Tek Vietnam is a genuine distributor of CKD pneumatic equipment, fluid control and electronic components

1. CKD compressed air

CKD pneumatic equipment is specialized in steam and water control applications with cast iron, copper and zinc materials. The product has many advantages such as:

  • Individually designed, suitable for each environmental characteristic, ensuring user safety with high reliability
  • High performance, stable operation
  • Friendly to the environment and people
  • Withstand heavy overload pressure
  • Durable, long life
  • Easy to install and repair

CKD pneumatic cylinder

  • CKD standard pneumatic cylinder: SCPS – SCPD3 – SCPS3 – SCPH3 – CMK2 – CMA2 – SCM – SCG – SCA2 – SCS2 – CA – CMA – CMK – SCA – SCD – SCH – SCT – SCPS – SCPD – SCPD2 – SCPS2 – SCPH2 – SCS – TCA
  • Space saving pneumatic cylinders CKD: SSD2 – SMG – SSD – SSG – CAT – MDC2 – MSD – MSDG – MVC – FCS – FCH – FCD – STK – SSD-LN – CSD2 – CS*2 – CSS – CSD – SMD2
  • Pneumatic guide cylinder CKD: STM – STG – STS – STL – STR2 – UCA2 – UCA

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(CKD pneumatic cylinders are genuine and distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

CKD pneumatic picker/gripper

  • Low profile, long stroke pneumatic gripper/gripper CKD: HLF2
  • Original extended pneumatic gripper/gripper CKD: HMD
  • Linear sliding pneumatic gripper/gripper with length measurement function CKD: LSHM-HP2
  • Universal Robots CKD certified 3-dimensional finger type: RCKL-UR
  • TECHMAN, OMRON ROBOTS CKD certified 3-way gripper: RCKL-TM
  • Robust chuck with rubber cap CKD: CKLG2

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(CKD gripper/pneumatic gripper genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

CKD pneumatic valve

  • Block pneumatic valve, compatible with PLC CKD: MN3E – MN4E
  • ISO 5-way pneumatic valve CKD: PV5G – PV5 – GMF
  • Main pneumatic valve CKD: 4F – M4F
  • Direct acting 3-way pneumatic valve CKD: 3QR – 3QB – 3QE – 3QZ
  • Pneumatic valve to release residual pressure with CKD tube position detection: SNS
  • Manually switched pneumatic valve CKD: HMV – HSV
  • Mechanical pneumatic valve CKD: MS – MM – MAVL
  • Pneumatic valve 4G CKD: 4GE

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(CKD pneumatic valve genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Filter, pressure regulator, Booster CKD

  • CKD combination air filter:
  • CKD pneumatic filter/regulator: W**00 C*0*0
  • CKD compressed air filter: AF2
  • Adjustable pneumatic regulator CKD: R**00
  • CKD lubricant: L*000
  • CKD mechanical pressure switch: P*100
  • CKD compressed air pressure gauge: G401-W
  • CKD pneumatic water separator: FX
  • CKD refrigerated air dryer: GX3200D – GX5200D
  • Air booster / pneumatic booster CKD: ABP
  • Air unit/compressor CKD: CXU

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(CKD pneumatic valve genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

CKD controller

  • Compact, highly functional, easy-to-use electro-pneumatic regulator

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(CKD controller genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Pressure sensor, CKD flow sensor

  • Pneumatic pressure sensor, electronic pressure switch with digital display CKD: PPG
  • Flow sensor/controller, Karman flow rate sensor for FLUEREX water CKD: WFK2

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(Pressure sensor, CKD flow sensor genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Regulating valve, Check valve CKD

  • Speed controller with adjusting dial CKD: DSC
  • Silencer / small bore size / CKD plastic body: SL – SLW
  • Quick release valve with push fittings CKD: QEL
  • Fitting CKD: GW
  • CKD Air Nozzle: BN*
  • Glass float module CKD: GFM

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(Regulating valve, CKD check valve genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

CKD vacuum system

  • Single vacuum power supply CKD: VSY
  • Vacuum switch (20mm width) CKD: VSJP – VSJPM
  • Suction plate/suction nipple CKD: VSP
  • Precision suction plate/suction nipple CKD: PVP\
  • CKD Active Buffer: AFB-RB

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(CKD vacuum system officially distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

2. CKD fluid control

CKD fluid control includes: Solenoid valves for CKD solutions, steam, electrical control chemicals or pneumatics.

CKD solenoid valve

• Solenoid valve for CKD liquids: USB – USG
• Solenoid valves for specialized liquids CKD: FWB – FWG – GFWB – GFWG
• Solenoid valve for steam CKD: SPK
• Solenoid valve for CKD vacuum: FVB – GFVB
• CKD air-operated valve: NAB – GNAB
• CKD globe valve: CHB – CHG
• Valves for CKD cooling systems: CVE2 – CVSE2 – GCVE2 – GCVSE2
• Solenoid valve for dry air CKD: FGB・FGG – GFGB – GFGG
• Explosion-proof 2- and 3-way solenoid valve CKD: EX4
• CKD dust removal valve: PD2 – PDV2 – PD3 – PDV3
• Valve for CKD gas combustion system

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(CKD solenoid valve genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

CKD chemical valve

• CKD gas-operated chemical valve: AMD**3R – AMG**3R – GAMD**3R
• CKD manual chemical valve: MMD*03RN
• Chemical valve to prevent CKD drip: AMS
• Regulators CKD: PMP
• CKD liquid level sensor: KML
• Chemical valve adjusts flow rate CKD: MNV

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(CKD chemical valve genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

CKD Vacuum Valve and Gas Valve

• Valve for CKD gas: LGD – AGD – AGD – OGD – MGD
• Vacuum generation CKD: VG
• CKD gas pressure regulator: PGM
• Manual valve for CKD gas: MGD10V – MGD10V – OGD10V – OGD20V
• Air-operated valve for CKD gas: AGD**V – AGD11 – AGD12
• CKD vacuum valve: FGL

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(Vacuum valves and CKD gas valves are genuine distributors of Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

3. CKD electronic components

CKD electronic components include: Mechanical transmission, Absodex, CKD electric turntable

CKD mechanical transmission

• Roller gear cam unit Standard type CKD: RGIS – RGOS – RGCS
• Roller gear cam unit Compact type CKD: RGIS – RGOS
• Roller gear cam unit Table type CKD: RGIT – RGCT
• Roller gear cam unit Wide angle type CKD: RGIL – RGOL
• Roller gear cam unit Flat type CKD: RGID – RGCD
• Roller gear cam unit Basic type CKD: RGIB
• Parallel cam unit Standard type CKD: PCIS – PCOS
• Forward motion pick & place unit CKD: PPLX
• Worm reducer CKD: HO – CRG – TE
• Torque saver CKD: TSF – TST
• Torque guard CKD: TGX

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(CKD mechanical transmission genuine distributed by Hydro-tek Vietnam)

Electric turntable, ABSODEX CKD

• ABSODEX High Response Type CKD: AX1000T – AX2000T – AX4000T
• ABSODEX High Precision CKD: AX7000X
• ABSODEX Compact: AX6000M CKD
• ABSODEX CKD: AX8000S – AX8000H – AX5000S – AX5000H – AX4000S – AX4000H – AX4000G – AX4000G – AX400W – AX3000S – AX3000H – AX2000S – AX2000G – AX2000H – AX1 000S – AX1000H
• τDISC Standard type CKD: ND-s
• τDISC High-speed rotation type CKD: ND-s HS
• τDISC High response type CKD: HD-s
• τDISC Large middle hole type CKD: FD-s
• τDISC High rigidity type CKD: DD-s

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(Electric turntable, ABSODEX CKD, genuine distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Single-axis robot, CKD multi-axis robot

• CKD electric cylinder: KBX – KBZ – KBB
• Compact type electric cylinder, table slider CKD: KSA
• Electric cylinder with integrated guide type CKD: EBR-M – EBR-G
• CKD sliding type electric cylinder: EBS-M – EBS-G – ERL2 – ESD2 – ESSD – ELCR – ERL – ESD
• Controller CKD / Electric cylinder controller CKD: ECG – ECR
• CKD 2-finger electric gripper: FLSH – FFLD
• Electric rotating rattan CKD: FGRC

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(Single-axis robot, CKD multi-axis robot officially distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Hydro-Tek Vietnam – The most reputable genuine distributor of CKD products

Hydro-tek Vietnam Company Limited is a member of the HYDRO-TEK group, established in 1994 in Korea. Specializing in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
In addition, our company is also the official distributor of industrial equipment products of many major brands in the world, including CKD. We are committed to bringing to customers:
• Quality, reputable, world-leading products
• Thorough consultation, helps choose the most optimal equipment
• Fast technical support and processing
• Good price
• Available goods, fast delivery
Please contact us immediately for the best purchasing support, hotline: 0906.80.52.99

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