Anest Iwata (Japan) – Leading manufacturer specializing in paint room equipment, coating systems, high-end air compressors and vacuum pumps.

Hydro-tek is proud to be the official agent and distributor of Anest Iwata in Vietnam –  specializes in providing all line of genuine products such as air compressors, all series of hand held paint spray guns, automatic spray guns, powder coating guns, vacuum spray equipment, paint room equipment, paint pumps, paint parts, … With competitive prices and diversified availability of products with a team of professional consultants.

Hydro-tek focus on providing products of Anest Iwata for customers in the main areas such as:

  • Building construction, interior decoration.
  • Producing wooden furniture, fine arts.
  • Mechanical engineering, auto parts, motorbikes.
  • Color spraying in apparel, component manufacturing.
  • Houseware factory,
  • The factory produces steel structures and unburnt tiles.
  • The company produces paints, industrial equipment.
  • The factory produces colored glasses, ceramics,….

The main product lines of Anest Iwata:


In the field of air compressors, Anest Iwata offers a variety of products with a range of capacities from small to large.

Oil-free air compressors are specifically developed to meet the clean gas demand of semiconductor, food processing, health-related industries that require clean gas.


2. Hand held spray gun:
Anest Iwata has launched a series of hand held paint spray guns, from conventional to high pressure models, gun body from small, medium to large. Suitable for the industries of auto repairing, polishing, metal painting, furniture, plastic …

But they all share some outstanding features such as:

Reduced spray air pressure, which helps to reduce paint ash loss, helps spray efficiency better than previous models.
Low noise.
Improved working environment.
Maintenance cycle is extended.

Good balance of gravity, light weight, and fits comfortably in the user’s hand.


3. Automatic spray gun:

Automatic paint spray gun line Iwata is used for product line using line painting or painting robot.

The outstanding features of the automatic spray gun line are: The whole body is made of stainless steel, smooth paint streaks, high density. In addition, the paint pipe is specially designed, less paint stagnation.

With a compact design, small installation space, you can change and control the spread of paint. In addition, many paints such as metal paints can be rotated in a short period of time.


4. Paint level pump and system equipment:

Anest Iwata offers a variety of types and sizes of diaphragm pumps with the following advantages:

Stable output, minimum vibration.
The inside of the diaphragm is polished to reduce cleaning time and color change.
Help reduce the amount of paint and solvent wasted.
Provide all the system equipment: paint bottle, paint stirrer, washers, paint regulators, pressure regulators, flow regulators, …


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