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Hydro-tek Vietnam is the exclusive distributor of industrial machine arms/robot arms of the Dalmec brand originating in Italy. Proud to be the official representative of distributing industrial machine arms, Hydro-tek Vietnam introduces to you products of machine arms that support product movement, machines that lift and lower products, which can support you in lifting and moving heavy objects at the same time in the safest and most economical way.

DALMEC – One of the world’s famous brands for industrial robot arms

Dalmec is a company specializing in designing and manufacturing industrial lifting machines, industrial mechanical arms, and pneumatic robot arms with reputable and safe mechanical properties. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial pneumatic manipulator arms, innovative devices have been introduced to eliminate a wide range of technical defects that commonly occur in products. . Therefore, Dalmec can guarantee equipment of maximum quality and comprehensive safety.

An example of innovation is the pneumatic leveling device used on Dalmec manipulators, which allows the operator to move the product without using a dedicated handle or specific control buttons. That way, the movement is quite natural and precise. Therefore, operators have the possibility to choose the most suitable method to move their products in completely safe working conditions.

Dalmec product lines

Dalmec Robot Arm

canhstay 02
(Dalmec Robot Arm)

With its superior and flexible design, Dalmec manipulators can be deployed for application in all production departments of diverse industries, designed and manufactured to meet the requirements. specific needs of customers and enhance the value of resources according to customer wishes.

The R&D team at Dalmec’s design and engineering department is constantly working on new ideas and solutions, and thanks to new materials and modern technologies helps meet the most stringent requirements of processing applications.

Canhstay 02
(Dalmec Robot Arm)
Special features of industrial machine arms, Dalmec Robot arms

  • Ability to maneuver loads easily
  • Maximum precision
  • Absolute safety
  • Increase productivity
  • Avoid product damage
  • Diversity

Quality policy for DALMEC picking robot arms, industrial lifting arms

  • Dalmec pursues and complies with a quality system according to the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008;
  • Dalmec is synonymous with high quality standards;
  • Customer satisfaction is our core value and philosophy;
  • Maximize internal resources to minimize or avoid errors, eliminate late and ineffective deliveries;
  • Comply with all required national and international regulatory frameworks.

Additionally, to achieve all of the above, Dalmec has adopted a Quality Management System that requires total inclusion of the entire internal structure. All employees are fully trained to perform their duties effectively and are encouraged to contribute to the company’s goal of achieving continuous quality management standards.

Articulated Dalmec industrial manipulator

canhstay 01

Dalmec’s articulated industrial lifting arms are equipped with specialized grippers along with sturdy, sturdy articulating arms. They are often used to process materials whose center of gravity is offset from the vertical axis of an industrial manipulator. Therefore, the product’s structure is designed to eliminate torque generated from this pressure, thereby minimizing risks during operation.

Dalmec industrial machine with cables

canhtayrobot 01
(Dalmec industrial machine and cable)

Dalmec industrial lifting arms are designed with double cables, equipped with basic grippers, often used to lift and move light loads in weightless conditions.

The pick-up head is connected to two independent steel cables and balanced with each other to ensure maximum safety for the user. The dual arm structure with specially designed middle joint makes operation in the entire work area easier than ever.

Hydro-tek Vietnam – Genuine distributor of the most prestigious automation equipment today

Hydro-tek Vietnam was established in 2013, is a branch of the leading HYDRO-TEK group in Korea. Is the leading brand in Korea for hydraulic equipment and industrial automation. Besides, Hydro-tek Vietnam is also the official distributor of Robot arms of the world’s leading brand – Dalmec.

Please contact us immediately to buy genuine products at good prices and enjoy many exclusive policies from Dalmec’s official distributor. With a team of highly skilled technicians, attentive service and fast delivery, we will meet all your requirements. Hotline: 0906.80.52.99.

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