LOGO Danfoss

LOGO Danfoss

Hydro-Tek is a distribution partner of Danfoss hydraulic equipment in the Vietnamese market. Danfoss, is a world leader in engineering solutions headquartered in Denmark

Danfoss – The world’s leading hydraulic equipment brand.

Danfoss – Leading manufacturer of precision mechanical and electronic components, providing smart electromechanical devices. The company currently operates modern factories across four continents, along with trading companies and representative offices globally, and has more than 23,000 employees.

Danfoss has wide applications in many fields, including refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, energy conversion, motor control, industrial machinery, automobiles, marine and domestic and off the highway. The company also plays a key role in promoting renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind power, and supporting the development of multi-county energy infrastructure for municipalities.

Danfoss products include:

  1. Cylinder
  2. Machine and power adapter
  3. Electronic Control
  4. Pipes, tubes, fittings, connectors
  5. Hydraulic units
  6. Industrial clutches and brakes
  7. Engine
  8. Pump
  9. Command
  10. Valves and actuators

1. Cylinder

Xi lanh Danfoss

Danfoss cylinder

2. Machine and power adapter

Máy và bộ chuyển đổi điện Danfoss

Danfoss power adapter and machine

3. Electronic control

Điều khiển điện tử Danfoss

Danfoss electronic control

4. Pipes, tubes, accessories, connectors

Ống, ống, phụ kiện, đầu nối Danfoss

Danfoss pipes, tubes, fittings, connectors

5. Hydraulic units

Các đơn vị thuỷ lực Danfoss

Danfoss hydraulic units

6. Industrial clutches and brakes

Ly hợp và phanh công nghiệp Danfoss

Danfoss industrial clutches and brakes

7. Engine

Động cơ Danfoss

Danfoss engine

8. Pump

Máy bơm Danfoss

Danfoss pumps

9. Direction

Chỉ đạo Danfoss

Directed by Danfoss

10. Valves and actuators

Van và bộ truyền động Danfoss

Danfoss valve and actuator

Hydro-Tek Vietnam – Leading distribution partner of genuine Danfoss Hydraulic equipment, committed to the highest reliability in the Vietnamese market.

Hydro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd., a member of the HYDRO-TEK group, was established in 1994 in Korea and is the leader in the field of hydraulic equipment manufacturing in Korea.

In addition to contributing to the group’s growth, Hydro-Tek is also a reputable distribution partner in the Vietnamese market with leading solutions for Industry. Hydro-Tek guarantees commitments to customers:

  • Reputable quality products
  • Good price
  • Has an advanced technical team
  • Maintenance and upkeep support
  • Supports quick delivery

For more information and the best purchasing support, please contact Hydro-Tek immediately via Hotline: 0906.80.52.99. We will always be happy to meet all of your needs and ensure satisfaction with our products and services.

Hydro-tek Vietnam Company Limited

Address: 449G/10 Le Quang Dinh, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hotline: 0906.80.52.99

Email: sales@hydro-tek.vn

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