Hydro-Tek is the official distributor of Genuine E.MC brand pneumatic equipment products in Vietnam. E.MC is a member of the EMC group founded in 1986. This is one of the most popular compressed air brands today.

EMC – One of the largest and most popular brands today

Established history

EMC Group was founded in 1986 and owns famous brands such as Xinggeling and Guanhua Pneumatic. Based on the needs of market development strategy, the E.MC brand was established in 2004, derived from Einstein’s mass-energy equation E=mc2. The first company was called Eternal Machinery Co., Ltd. The energy grows rapidly at the speed of light, the dots in it not only symbolize the multiplication sign but also symbolize the meaning of the sun (SUN&SUNNY) in the English names of the founders and the couple, It also means that the company will be sunny and grow healthily.
Since its founding in 2004, this brand has been ahead of trends and developed rapidly thanks to extremely stable quality and good, thoughtful service.
Currently, E.MC owns:
• 03 production facilities with an area of 85,000 square meters
• Many automated assembly and processing lines: 85% of machining is automated and 65% of assembly is automated
• Own more than 100 of the world’s most sophisticated equipment
• More than 30 patents
• More than 500 employees
• More than 40 strong, in-depth research groups including professors, doctors engineers
• Large sales network, more than 118 countries around the world in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, etc.
• etc.

Genuine E.MC pneumatic equipment

Types of EMC pneumatic equipment include:
• Pneumatic cylinder
• Pneumatic valve
• Compressed air filter
• Other devices
• Pneumatic accessories

1. Pneumatic cylinder

A pneumatic cylinder is a part that operates on compressed air, it helps convert and transform the accumulated energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. Thanks to kinetic energy, we can squeeze, compress, grind or grind objects, food or other things. Hydro-Tek Vietnam supplies all of the following genuine E.MC cylinders:
– ESW cylinder
– EMQ cylinder
– EXSW cylinder
– EXS cylinder
– EXH 20×25-S cylinder
– EN25x50-S cylinder
– Cylinder EG25x50-S
– SG cylinder
– Cylinder SHZ-25-8
– SM cylinder
– SQ cylinder
– RA cylinder
– RAL 20×25 cylinder
– SD cylinder 25×25-M
– IA cylinder
– VBC cylinder
– TBC cylinder
– FVB cylinder

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(Genuine E.MC pneumatic cylinder supplied by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

2. Pneumatic valve

Pneumatic valves have the function of opening and closing to supply air and control the direction and flow of equipment in the system. Each system is installed with 2-3 valves, and there are 3 main types of valves (solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and mechanical valve). Hydro-Tek Vietnam supplies all the following genuine E.MC valves:
• EMC ET 307 solenoid valve
• EMC RV 5/2 solenoid valve
• EMC RV 3/2 solenoid valve


(Genuine E.MC pneumatic valve supplied by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

3. Compressed air filter

Compressed air filters are devices that directly affect the working ability of cylinders, valves or accessories. The filter’s job is to filter out water, steam, dust and dirt in the air so that the system operates smoothly, reducing wear and tear and increasing lifespan. Hydro-Tek Vietnam provides all types of genuine E.MC compressed air filters, including:
• E EMC filter
• EIL EMC filter


(Genuine E.MC compressed air filter supplied by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

4. Other devices

Other devices include:
• EMC YHS-10 Series Slide Hand Valve
• EMC KKP Series Quick Exhaust Valve
• EMC QSC-08 Series Flow Control Valve
• EMC EA Series One-Way Valve
• EMC Foot Valve F

5. Pneumatic Accessories

Pneumatic accessories are parts that have the role of connecting pneumatic equipment together, to ensure leak-free reliability, and at the same time, help control the system and support the operating parts. Hydro-Tek Vietnam supplies all types of genuine E.MC pneumatic accessories as follows:
• Compressed air pressure gauge
• Pneumatic hose, flexible connection
• Pneumatic valve accessories
• Cylinder accessories
• Air pipe
• Reduce copper bars
• Plastic bar reducer
• etc.


(Genuine E.MC pneumatic accessories provided by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Hydro-Tek Vietnam – Genuine supplier of large, reputable E.MC compressed air equipment in Vietnam

Hydro-tek Vietnam is a member of Hydro-tek Group – Leading in Korea and the world in hydraulic equipment. With a solid foundation in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. We are honored to be the official distributor of many of the most famous pneumatic & hydraulic brands in the world, including the E.MC pneumatic brand.
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