Air filter

SMC air filter

SMC air filter It is divided into many categories based on the particle size to be filtered:

Coarse Filter: 3.0 µm
Secondary filter: 1.0 µm
Fine filter: 0.3µm, 0.1 µm and 0.01 µm

SMC air filter

Main models of SMC Air Filters:

Main Line Filter - AFF:

Helps remove impurities, oil, dust in compressed air

Impurities, dirt, oil, water vapor… have a particle size of 3 m

Filtration efficiency: 99%

Flow rate: 300-45,000 liters / min

Ports inlet - Portsize: 1 / 8- 2 inch, flange max 4B

Models: AFF2C-02, AFF2C-04, AFF4C-03, AFF8C-03, AFF8C-04, AFF11C-04, AFF11C-06

Air filter AFF- SMC

 Mist Separator - AM series:

The AM series is capable of separating and removing oil particles in compressed air, this oil is difficult to remove through conventional filtration, the AM series also has the function of removing rust particles or larger carbon particles. 0.3 µm. The AM series is best suited for using air filters to control pilot valves, or solenoid valves with metal seals.

Filtration level - Nominal filtration rating: 0.3 µm

Filtration efficiency: 99.9%

Oil and gas output after filtering - Oil mist density at outlet: Max. 1.0 mg / m3 (ANR) [≈0.8 ppm]

Models: AM150C-550C / AM650-850

Air filter AM- SMC

Micro Mist Separator - AMD:

Separable is to remove oil vapor and coal dust or dirt 0.01 μm or more

Use to refine the compressed air to meet the clean air needs for highly precise, automated control equipment, in clean rooms or for applications where a high level of clean air is required.

Filtration level: 0.01 μm

Performance: 99.9%

Portsize: 1 / 8- 2 inch

Supper Mist Separator - AME: 

Can separate and absorb oil in compressed air in the state of oil dust, oil vapor and turn oil-based compressed air into oil-free compressed air

Use in applications that require clean compressed air at high temperatures, use air filters for clean room equipment and oil-free components.

Air filter AME- SMC

Water Separator- AMG:

Help Purify the water in compressed air

Performance: 99%

Flow: 300-12,000 liters / min




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