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SMC Pneumatics is a Japanese corporation specializing in manufacturing and trading pneumatic equipment . SMC has over 12.000 basic products with more than 700.000 different options. This is also the biggest advantage of SMC. Our product range is very wide and can meet most of the needs of industries that use compressed air. Accompanying that is our sales policies and technical support services to ensure the delivery process goes well. Pneumatic equipment  SMC Vietnam affirms to be the companion of automation in Vietnam market Hydro-Tek Vietnam is proud to be the authorized agent of SMC. With a large and diversified availability of goods, competitive prices, an optimal delivery time, and a team of experienced technical staff, we are ready to support and serve customers the best we got to offer. The main product lines are distributed by Agent SMC - Hydro-tek Vietnam:  Air dryer: It provides clean and dry air through the dehumidification and air purification method of the SMC Air Dryer See details Pneumatic cylinder: This device uses compressed air conveyed by controlled components to create movement. SMC pneumatic cylinder See details  Electromagnetic valve: The components directly control the flow of the compressed air to the cylinder and execution device. Solenoid valve SMC See details. Pneumatic connector: Diverse in types and applications. SMC pneumatic connector See details. Lubricator: SMC lubricating unit See details. Air filter: Equipment to remove water particles from compressed air or provide pressure control to extend service life and reduce costs. SMC air filter See details Pneumatic tubes: Diverse in materials, sizes, as well as colors. Suitable for the majority of applications and withstand the toughest working environments. SMC air-wire hose See details Regulator: SMC pressure regulator See details.
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