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Hydro-Tek Vietnam is proud to be the exclusive distributor of genuine Firestone products in the Vietnamese market. We currently supply Firestone products including air cushions or airbags (used as actuators), air pillows (used as shock absorbers), air bladders or air bags (used in transportation vehicles). ), pneumatic picking and clamping equipment.
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Firestone gas springs – Prestigious global brand

Firestone is a brand under Bridgestone – a multinational automobile and truck parts manufacturing and distribution group in Japan. Firestone is currently leading the product lines: air cushions or airbags (acting as actuators), air pillows (acting as shock absorbers), air bladders or atmospheres (specialized for vehicles). transportation vehicles) and pneumatic clamping equipment. It can be said that Firestone represents Bridgestone in the market of gas springs in particular and shock absorber solutions in general.

Among the product lines just mentioned, the Airide™ Air Spring is the product that made Firestone famous, first introduced in 1938. After its launch, this Firestone air product created creating a revolution for the transportation industry. Not only that, the product also marks this brand’s first step on the journey of researching solutions for vehicles, agricultural equipment and industrial applications. Currently, Airide™ Air Spring is the exclusively registered product name of this brand. Therefore, when mentioning Firestone air, people immediately think of Airide ™ Air Spring.

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(Firestone gas springs)

Firestone gas springs

Firestone air spring products and pneumatic grippers have been trusted in many factories and manufacturing units around the world for nearly a century. This is considered an achievement for the continuous development process. At the same time, it is also a testament to the quality and reliability of Firestone products in the international market. To achieve this achievement, Firestone manufacturing plants always operate with the highest productivity and efficiency, meeting many international quality standards such as OHSAS 18001, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.
As well as serving as actuators and shock absorbers as well as specialized parts in vehicles, Firestone gas spring products are evolving to meet the increasing demand for digital products. quantity and quality. Firestone conducts nearly 200 research projects annually aimed at advancing new technologies. Its research and development facilities are currently located in the United States, China and the Netherlands.

Firestone gas springs and products distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam are genuine

Firestone Air Cushion (Airstroke Actuator)

In real industrial applications, Firestone air cushions (or air bags) always bring peace of mind to manufacturers when acting as a key actuator, equivalent to a cylinder in the system. Besides, Firestone air cushion products (airbags) are known as an optimal solution for flexibility and maintaining stable performance.

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(Air cushion)

Firestone air cushions have a variety of sizes with diameters from 5 – 93cm and the ability to withstand impact forces of more than 400kN. These two characteristics help the product be applicable in narrow spaces and the ability to resist the phenomenon of difference between the two sides. At the same time, Firestone air cushions have a high level of corrosion resistance, helping to increase service life and require absolutely no maintenance.

Firestone air pillow (Airmount Isolator)

With its unique role as a damping device in the system, Firestone air pillows are considered the most reliable products in the industrial gas spring market. This is proven when this is the leading product line in terms of damping ability today. Furthermore, Firestone air pillows also stand out in limiting the influence of impact forces from the surrounding environment.

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(Air cushion)

Thanks to their superior performance, Firestone air pillow products help reduce noise and prolong the life of neighboring equipment in the system. The most special feature of this product line is that it is not significantly affected by load changes, combined with precise height control based on the internal pressure control mechanism.

Firestone (Airide) steam bulb

Firestone air tank (or Firestone air tank) under the exclusive name Airide, this is the product line that makes a name for this international standard pneumatic spring brand. The product is manufactured specifically for means of transportation.

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(Vapor bulb)

Firestone air chambers come in many diameter sizes and 3 types: 1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers of air cushion. Therefore, the product line can meet today’s diverse needs. Firestone’s gas tank is highly appreciated for its contribution to increasing load-carrying capacity and maintaining optimal stability for the operating system. At the same time, the product also minimizes wear and increases smooth operation of component equipment.

Firestone pneumatic picking and clamping device (Air picker/Air gripper)

Entering the automation support equipment market, Firestone pneumatic gripping and clamping equipment is prioritized by the company focusing on applicability through many advantages. First, the product is manufactured in a variety of diameters and load levels, flexibly meeting all Pick and Place production line needs.

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(Pneumatic tongs)

Next, Firestone has focused on the materials used for pneumatic gripping and clamping devices with the goal of providing a durable and highly accurate solution. Most especially in terms of structure and size, the product is prioritized in design and adjustment to best suit actual conditions.

Firestone gas springs – Advantages and applications

Advantages of Firestone gas springs

In general, Firestone air spring products and pneumatic clamping/gripping devices all possess many unique features of the brand. These are also things that create a positive image for manufacturers when mentioning Firestone products.

  • Meets many international quality standards
  • Emphasize user experience
  • Features and structures are always improved
  • Can meet the most stringent specifications and standards
  • Has a long service life

Application of Firestone gas springs

Playing an effective supporting role in many systems and production lines, up to now, Firestone air spring products and pneumatic clamping/gripping devices have been the preferred choice and are trusted in factories. machines in many fields.

  • Air
  • Medical
  • Interior
  • Industry
  • Shipping
  • Military

In addition, Hydro-Tek Vietnam also provides reputable hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, paint spraying equipment, transmission equipment and genuine robot arms to manufacturing businesses across the country. Hydro-Tek Vietnam is currently a supplier of industrial equipment products under the brands SMC, ANEST IWATA, REXROTH, BINKS and STM.
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