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Hydro-Tek is proud to be the distributor of genuine Ham-let and UCT ultra-clean, high-purity coupling products in the Vietnamese market. These are the world’s leading brands, supporting a wide range of industries, including manufacturers: Semiconductors, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Refining, Power, Transportation, Analytics and Gas.

Hydro-Tek – provides genuine, high-end, world-leading Ham-let and UCT equipment products

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(Hydro-tek – providing genuine Ham-let and UCT equipment products)

The Ham-let brand was established in 1950 and is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment solutions including coupling accessories. Ham-let was acquired by the prestigious UCT Group, serving industries requiring extremely high purity equipment such as: Semiconductors, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Refining, Power, Transportation , Analytics and Gas. Include:
1. Accessories
2. Process valve
3. HPA actuator
4. Other types of valves
5. High-tech components
6. Super clean valve
7. Fast connection
8. Filters & VEPs
9. Sample cylinder
10. UCV is extremely fast
11. Pressure gauge
12. Hoses
13. HHP
14. IoT

1. Accessories

• Let-Lok pipe accessories

ham let.2

(Hydro-tek officially distributes Let-Lok Ham-let pipe fittings (UCT)

• One-Lok pipe fittings

ham let.3

(Hydro-tek officially distributes One-Lok Ham-let pipe fittings (UCT)

• Dielectric mounting accessories

ham let.4

(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Ham-let dielectric mounting accessories (UCT)

• Pipe fittings

ham let.5

(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Hamlet Pipe Fittings (UCT)

• Flared joint accessories

ham let.6

(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Ham-let flared joint accessories (UCT)

2. Process valve

• Ball valves

ham let.7

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let ball valves (UCT)

• Needle valve

ham let.8

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let needle valves (UCT)

• Switch valve – H1200

ham let.9

(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of conversion valve – H1200 Ham-let (UCT)

• Dosing Valve – H1300

ham let.10

(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of metering valve – H1300 Ham-let (UCT)

• One-way valve – H400 series

ham let.11

(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of one-way valves – H400 Hamlet (UCT) series

• Flow relief valve – H911

ham let.12

(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of flow relief valve – H91 Ham-let (UCT)

• Pressure reducing valve – H900

ham let.13

(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of pressure reducing valve – H900 Ham-let (UCT)

• Metering ball valve

ham let.14

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let metering ball valves (UCT)

3. HPA actuator

• Actuators

ham let.15

(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Ham-let actuators (UCT)

• Installation kit

ham let.16

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let installation kits (UCT)

• Accessory

ham let.17

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let accessories (UCT))

4. Other types of valves

• One-way valve

ham let.17

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let one-way valve (UCT))

• 2-way valve

ham let.18

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let 2-way valves (UCT))

• 3-way valve

ham let.19

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let 3-way valve (UCT))

• 4-way valve

ham let.20

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let 4-way valve (UCT))

• 5-way valve

ham let.21

(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let 5-way valve (UCT))

• Accessory

ham let.22

(Hydro-tek is the main distributor of Ham-let (UCT) accessories)

5. High-tech components

Other valve types include:
• Glands
• Long welded connector
• Swivel connector
• Connector
• Caps, nuts and plugs
• Rings
• etc.


(Hydro-tek is the genuine distributor of Ham-let vases (UCT))

6. UCV – Ultra Clean Valve

UCV – Ultra Clean Valve includes:
• Extremely fast valve
• High-pressure UCV (3000 psi)
• Low pressure (300 psi)
• Super clean metering valve
• Multi-port Monoblock ultra-clean valve
• Surface-mounted ultra-clean valve


(Hydro-tek genuine distributor UCV – Hamlet Super Clean Valve (UCT))

7. Fast connection


(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Ham-let quick connection devices (UCT))

8. Filters & VEPs


(Hydro-tek distributes genuine filters & VEP Ham-let (UCT))

9. Cylinder


(Ham-let sample cylinder (UCT) officially distributed by Hydro-tek)

10. Quick valve


(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let quick valve (UCT))

11. Industrial mechanical pressure gauge


(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let industrial mechanical pressure gauges (UCT))

12. Hoses


(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Ham-let soft tubes (UCT)

13. HHP

• HHP accessories
• HHP adapter
• HHP needle valve


(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of HHP Ham-let (UCT))

14. iOS


(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of IOS Ham-let (UCT))

Hydro-Tek distributes the most prestigious pneumatic, hydraulic, and industrial automation equipment today

Hydro-Tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a member of HYDRO-TEK group, established in 1994 in Korea. Leading in Korea in manufacturing hydraulic equipment.
In addition, Hdro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is honored to be trusted and authorized by the world’s leading brands of hydraulic, pneumatic and automatic equipment manufacturers to be the exclusive distributor in Vietnam. Male. We are committed to bringing to customers:
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