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Hydro-Tek is a leading distributor in the Vietnamese market, specializing in providing genuine Hanyoung Nux automation products and equipment. With its reputation as a leading global brand, Hanyoung Nux has made a strong mark in the international market.

Hanyoung Nux – One of the major brands in Korea for automation equipment

Proud to be one of the leading brands in the field of automation, Hanyoung Nux has made a strong mark in the international market. With more than 50 years of experience and a solid commitment to product quality, Hanyoung Nux has become a trusted choice for many customers around the world.

Hanyoung Nux offers a wide range of premium automation products, including sensors, controllers, displays, and many other electronic devices. Hanyoung Nux’s team of talented engineers always strives to provide customers with the most reliable and effective automation solutions.

One of Hanyoung Nux’s strengths is its ability to meet a variety of customer requirements. The company not only provides high quality products, but also advises and supports customers in the process of implementing and operating automation systems. This helps customers optimize performance and increase their production productivity.

Continuous innovation and improvement are the core philosophy of Hanyoung Nux. The company constantly researches and develops new technologies to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the automation market. This ensures that Hanyoung Nux always stands firmly on the path of progress and continues to bring optimal solutions to customers.

Automation equipment/electrical equipment of Hanyoung Nux brand

The temperature controller

hyhy 01
(The temperature controller)


hyhy 03


hyhy 02

Hydro-tek Vietnam – Genuine distributor of the most prestigious automation equipment today

Hydro-tek Vietnam is a branch of the leading HYDRO-TEK corporation in Korea and was established in 2013. The company is the official distribution partner of many leading brands in the field of automatic equipment. industrial goods in the world, including the Hanyoung Nux brand.

Hydro-tek Vietnam is committed to providing genuine automation equipment, ensuring quality and reputation. If customers are interested and want to buy genuine products at good prices and enjoy many exclusive policies from the official distributor of Hanyoung Nux, contact Hydro-tek via hotline: 0906.80.52.99 for support through information. fastest news!

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