Hengst Filtration is a reputable European brand, with more than 60 years of experience in the field of filtration, liquid and gas treatment for industries. Hydro-Tek is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of Hengst brand filtration equipment in Vietnam.

03 Years ago, Hengst acquired Rexroth Filters (Germany), Delbag (Germany) and Nordic Air (Denmark)

Hengst Filtration was founded in 1958 in Munster, Westphalia (Europe). With more than 3,500 employees at 23 locations worldwide, the company develops innovative solutions in filtration and fluid management.

Hengst provides technology-leading filtration systems in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, industrial filtration, hydraulics, life sciences and healthcare. Tailor-made solutions are used in medical cleanrooms, air conditioning systems, cleaning equipment, industrial plants, power tools and robotics.

In addition, Hengst is also a series supplier to the international vehicle and engine industry, and a development partner for sustainable mobility and drive concepts.

03 years ago HENGST acquired Rexroth, Delbag, Nordic Air Filters,…

  • Rexroth (Germany) – World leader in Hydraulic Filters
  • Delbag (Germany) – Professional in Air Filtration
  • Nordic Air (Denmark) – Strength from Nordic in air filtration and treatment

Hengst Filtration brand filtration equipment

  • Hydraulic filter

Hydro-Tek Phân Phối lọc thuỷ lực Hengst (Rexroth)

Hydro-Tek Distributes Hengst (Rexroth) hydraulic filters

Hengst’s hydraulic filters comply with high quality standards and are manufactured using advanced technology, ensuring optimal filtration performance and long service life. They are capable of removing dust particles, impurities, water and other contaminants from hydraulic oil, helping to protect components and ensure stable and efficient operation of the hydraulic system.

  • Fuel Filter

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Hydro-Tek Distributes Hengst fuel filters

Hengst’s fuel filters are designed to remove impurities and deposits that may be present in the fuel, keeping your fuel system clean and safe.

Hengst fuel filters are widely used in the automotive industry and other applications. They help remove impurities such as dust, rust, dirt and other small particles that may exist in the fuel. This helps protect critical fuel system components from damage and ensures consistent engine performance.

  • Oil Filter

Hydro-Tek Phân Phối lọc dầu HengstHydro-Tek Distributes Hengst oil filters

Hengst offers a wide range of oil filters, including engine oil filters, industrial oil filters and oil filters for other special applications. Filters are constructed from high-quality materials and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure performance and reliability.

Hengst engine oil filters help remove impurities such as dust, dirt and other small particles that may exist in engine oil. This helps maintain oil quality, prevent damage to engine parts and maintain optimal performance.

  • Air filtration

Hydro-Tek Phân Phối lọc không khí Hengst

Hydro-Tek Distributes Hengst air filters

Hengst air filters are designed to remove dust particles, bacteria and other impurities that can harm electronic devices and reduce their performance.

Hengst air filters use advanced technologies to ensure effective filtration and protect electronics from airborne impurities. They are capable of capturing particles as small as bacteria, helping to maintain a clean and safe environment for equipment.

Hydro-Tek Vietnam – Exclusive distributor of Hengst brand filtration equipment in Vietnam

Hydro-Tek is a hydraulic equipment manufacturing corporation established in 1994 in Korea. We are honored to be the exclusive distributor of filtration equipment of the Hengst brand.

Hydro-tek is committed to providing high quality Hengst filtration products, and providing professional support and technical consulting services to customers. If you have a need for Hengst filtration equipment or want more information, please contact us immediately at hotline: 0906.80.52.99, for the best support!

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Hotline: 0906.80.52.99
Email: sales@hydro-tek.vn

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