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Hydro-Tek is a distribution partner of HYDAC hydraulic equipment products in the Vietnamese market. HYDAC is an international group with a global network of expertise and quality standards

HYDAC – Leading hydraulic equipment brand in Germany

HYDAC is a famous German brand, specializing in manufacturing and distributing components, systems, as well as providing services related to the hydraulic field. Founded in 1963 by Werner Dieter and Ottmar Schön. HYDAC has now developed with more than 50 years of experience, owns more than 9,000 employees, 50 subsidiaries and cooperates with 500 distribution and service partners around the world.

HYDAC’s hydraulic products are widely used in Vietnam and other countries around the globe. HYDAC is famous for its many product lines, including pressure tanks, filtration systems, filter elements, cooling systems, measuring equipment and accessories for hydraulic systems.

HYDAC’s product portfolio includes:

  1. Filter technology
  2. Hydraulic accumulator
  3. Sensor
  4. Valve

1. Filtration technology

Hydac filters and filtration systems play an important role in oil and fluid conditioning, helping your system operate safely and efficiently. All Hydac filtration products are manufactured to very high quality and reliability, to increase the life of the components, systems and machines in your system.

Công nghệ lọc HYDAC

HYDAC filtration technology

2. Hydraulic accumulator

HYDAC hydraulic accumulators can provide many benefits. They provide great flexibility, helping your machine operate more smoothly, while protecting your hydraulic system. Designed to increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems.

Bộ tích luỹ thuỷ lực HYDAC

HYDAC hydraulic accumulator

3. Sensors

The range of sensors includes a wide range of products for measuring pressure, temperature, linear position, position, level, flow rate and rotation speed, as well as pollution measurement and control. Check oil condition. In addition to products for standard applications, the product range also includes solutions for special application areas such as explosive atmospheres and functional safety enhancement applications.

Cảm biến HYDAC

HYDAC sensor

4. Valve

HYDAC valve – the right valve for any application


Hydro-Tek Vietnam – Reliable partner in the field of distribution of HYDAC Hydraulic Equipment

Hydro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd., a member of the HYDRO-TEK group, was established in 1994 in Korea and is the leader in the field of hydraulic equipment manufacturing in Korea.

In addition to contributing to the development of the group, we are proud to be the exclusive distribution partner in Vietnam for the world’s leading brands in the production of hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. be automatically. Our commitment is to bring to customers:

  • Top quality products.
  • Optimal costs.
  • Maintenance and upkeep support.
  • Available goods, fast delivery.
  • Designed, manufactured, and installed according to comprehensive standards for businesses.

To get detailed information and receive the most dedicated purchasing support, customers can contact us directly via Hotline: 0906.80.52.99. Our team of experts will quickly respond and answer all questions, while ensuring the best shopping experience with quality products and services from Hydro-Tek.

Hydro-tek Vietnam Company Limited

Address: 449G/10 Le Quang Dinh, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hotline: 0906.80.52.99

Email: sales@hydro-tek.vn

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