Hydro-Tek is pleased to be the official distributor of genuine Camozzi pneumatic equipment in the Vietnamese market. Camozzi Automation – A member of the Camozzi Group providing automation solutions for the Industrial sector, providing professional components and systems for controlling liquids and gases, and widely applied in the field Transportation and Life Sciences.

CAMOZZI – Famous brand in the field of pneumatic equipment in Italy

CAMOZZI is currently famous as one of the leading enterprises globally in the production of pneumatic control equipment. The diverse product line includes Air Valves, Air Cylinders, Air Handling Equipment (FRL), Vacuum Equipment, and pneumatic pipe fittings.

With more than half a century of experience, since 1964, CAMOZZI has continuously researched and manufactured equipment at the group’s large factories in Italy, committed to providing customers with quality and effective products. highest yield.

Camozzi’s pneumatic equipment product lines include:

  1. Pneumatic equipment – Compressed air activation
  2. Electric motor
  3. Clip
  4. Vacuum technology
  5. Valves and electronic valves
  6. Fieldbus and Multipoles system
  7. Rate technology
  8. Air treatment
  9. Fittings, connectors and pipes
  10. Accessory

1. Pneumatic equipment – Compressed air activation

  • International standard cylinder.
  • Compact cylinder.
  • Stainless steel cylinder.
  • Cylinder with instructions.
  • Cylinders are not standard.
  • Cylinder rotates.
  • Rodless cylinder.
  • Hydrochecks, Bar Locks, Shock Absorbers.
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(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

2. Electric driving force

  • Electromechanical cylinder
  • Electromechanical shaft
  • Drive
  • Engine
  • Gearbox & coupling
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                   (Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

3. Clamp

  • Angled clamp
  • Clamp in parallel
  • Radial clamp
  • Sprue clamp
  • Three jaw clamps
  • Change tool
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(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

4. Vacuum technology

  • Suction pad
  • Ejector
  • Vacuum cleaner accessories
  • Vacuum filter
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      (Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

5. Valves and Electronic Valves

  • Electronic valves act directly and indirectly 2/2 – ⅔ way
  • Electronic valve, pneumatic, manifold valve
  • Mechanical valves and manual valves
  • Valve Logic
  • Automatic valve
  • Flow control valve
  • Silencer
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(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

6. Fieldbus & Mulipoles system

  • Valve island
  • Multi-serial modules
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(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

7. Scale technology

  • Proportional valve
  • Rate managers
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(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

8. Air filter

  • MX modular FRL units
  • MC Series modular FRL units
  • MD modular FRL units
  • Series N FRL units
  • Pressure regulator
  • Pressure Switch and Vacuum Switch
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Turbocharger
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(Hydro-tek is the official distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment)

9. Fittings, connectors and pipes

  • Super fast push accessories
  • Accelerator accessories
  • Universal olive accessories
  • Pipe accessories
  • Accessories OX1
  • Quick release coupling
  • Pipes, pipe coils and accessories
  • Genuine Hydro Tek distributes Camozzi compressed pipe and connection oil accessories 1
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(Hydro-tek genuine distributor of Camozzi accessories, connectors and pipes)

10. Accessories

  • Trunnion, Flange and bracket
  • Catridges, nuts, screws and rods
  • Proximity switch
  • Cables and connectors
  • Manifolds
  • Other
  • Hydro tek distributes genuine Camozzi accessories
(Hydro-tek distributes genuine Camozzi accessories)

Hydro-tek Vietnam – The most reputable genuine distributor of Camozzi pneumatic equipment today

Hydro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a member of HYDRO-TEK group, established in 1994 in Korea. Leading in Korea in manufacturing hydraulic equipment.

In addition to contributing to the development of the group, Hydro-Tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is also proud to be the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for famous brands in the production of hydraulic and gas equipment. The world’s leading compression and automatic equipment. We are committed to bringing to customers:

  • Quality products, reputable, complete information.
  • Quick technical support and processing.
  • Best prices in the market.
  • Available inventory, fast delivery.

Please contact us immediately for the best purchasing support via hotline: 0906.80.52.99. We will always be willing to meet all of our customers’ needs and ensure satisfaction with our products and services. we.

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