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Hydro-Tek Vietnam is proud to be the official distributor of genuine Hydro-Tek hydraulic power station equipment in the Vietnamese market in particular and the world in general. We currently provide hydraulic power supplies, mini AC & AD hydraulic power supplies and hydraulic valves such as steam check valves, pressure regulating valves and Hydro-Tek hydraulic solenoid valves. To see more detailed information about the product, you can visit here.

Hydro-Tek hydraulic power station – Trusted brand

Hydro-Tek is a hydraulic equipment manufacturing corporation founded in 1994 in Korea. This brand is the world leader in Hydro-Tek hydraulic power units (also known as hydraulic power stations) and mini hydraulic power units (or mini hydraulic power stations). At the same time, the company also produces devices that act as components of the power supply including steam check valves, pressure regulating valves and Hydro-Tek hydraulic solenoid valves.

During the product manufacturing process, Hydro-Tek chooses quality as the top criterion. This mission helps the company receive many quality certifications around the world and is always highly appreciated in the international market. Most experts agree that Hydro-Tek has looked at customer problems and difficulties to find new product solutions. This is also the core factor, promoting hydraulic equipment in general and Hydro-Tek hydraulic power supplies in particular to be increasingly perfected.

In the world market, Hydro-Tek holds a large market share when supplying hydraulic power supplies to many regions. The company has always maintained a strong position thanks to positive feedback from manufacturing businesses in Japan, the US, Canada, South America, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

After nearly 30 years of formation and development, the Hydro-Tek brand is now present in many countries around the world. Currently, hydraulic power stations, mini hydraulic power stations and other Hydro-Tek hydraulic equipment are being used in most factories and production lines globally.

In order to improve service quality and keep up with Vietnam’s rapidly developing trend, this famous hydraulic power group established Hydro-Tek Vietnam in 2013. This unit is responsible for supplying products and services. bringing international standard services to our country. The presence of Hydro-Tek Vietnam helps the product supply process happen faster, the quality of customer care and technical support is more attentive.

In addition, Hydro-Tek Vietnam is also the official representative distributor of SMC, ANEST IWATA, YUKEN, FIRESTONE and INTRALOX products in the Vietnamese market. This company contributes to helping Vietnamese businesses have closer access to high quality products, contributing to supporting and promoting long-term production capacity for these businesses.

Hydraulic power unit, Hydro-Tek mini hydraulic power unit and Hydro-Tek hydraulic valve

Hydro-Tek hydraulic power unit

Hydro-Tek hydraulic power supply products are trusted by focusing on the following criteria: safe operation and optimal conversion capacity.

Bộ nguồn thuỷ lực Hydro-Tek
(Hydro-Tek hydraulic power unit)

In terms of safety, Hydro-Tek hydraulic power supplies are often characterized by synchronous quality hydraulic components and extremely tight connection. The consistency in quality will contribute to increasing compatibility between small devices. This combined with the advantage of tight connection will make users feel secure about the safe and durable operation of the Hydro-Tek hydraulic power unit.

In terms of conversion capacity, businesses can request to refine the design and customize the technical specifications of Hydro-Tek hydraulic power supplies. This increases the compatibility and flexibility of the product with the field, application as well as the specific usage requirements of the business.

Hydro-Tek mini AC & DC hydraulic power unit

In the miniature version, Hydro-Tek currently has both product lines of mini AC hydraulic power supplies and mini DC hydraulic power supplies. To ensure product safety, the AC mini hydraulic power station will include component devices such as AC pump, AC motor and many other hydraulic devices also under the Hydro-Tek brand. Hydro-Tek DC mini hydraulic power station also has this same feature.

Bộ nguồn thuỷ lực mini Hydro-Tek
(Hydro-Tek mini hydraulic power unit)

Both of these Hydro-Tek mini hydraulic power unit product lines stand out because their capacity remains at an impressive level in the compact size version. This advantage allows the product to be applied in narrow production spaces or small-scale factories.

Hydro-Tek hydraulic valves

Hydro-Tek currently provides all types of hydraulic valves with many diverse parameters, able to meet all hydraulic systems in the world today. On the other hand, this is also a group of hydraulic equipment products that Hydro-Tek prioritizes in manufacturing and installing in its hydraulic power supplies and mini hydraulic power supplies.

(Hydro-Tek hydraulic valve)
(Hydro-Tek hydraulic valve)

All Hydro-Tek hydraulic valves are meticulously crafted, using materials that are abrasion resistant and can withstand large impacts. The product also possesses the ability to recognize and perform operations quickly and safely. During the research and production process, Hydro-Tek chooses efficiency and accuracy as the highest priority criteria. Some typical Hydro-Tek hydraulic valves include solenoid valves, pressure regulating valves and steam check valves.

Hydro-Tek hydraulic power unit – Advantages and applications of the products

With the goal of improving, Hydro-Tek always ensures that all of its brand’s products have their own unique differences. The proof of this is when all Hydro-Tek hydraulic power stations (regular and mini), hydraulic valves (air check valve, pressure regulator valve, solenoid valve) must meet certain criteria. determined.

  • Operational capabilities meet high quality standards
  • Operational flexibility is always upgraded
  • Always integrating new technology
  • Simple design and structure and easy to use
  • Capable of diverse applications for both light and heavy industry

In addition, Hydro-Tek Vietnam also provides reputable hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, paint spraying equipment, transmission equipment and genuine robot arms in the domestic market. Some industrial equipment brands distributed at Hydro-Tek include CKD, SMC, ANEST IWATA, REXROTH, FIRESTONE, SCHNEIDER, OMRON, v.v.

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