DALMEC is a company specializing in designing and manufacturing all kinds industrial lifting machine, industrial machine arm, pneumatic robot arm with reputable and safe mechanical properties.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing industrial pneumatic arm manipulation machineinnovative devices were introduced to eliminate a wide range of technical failures that often occur with the product. Therefore, we can guarantee equipment of maximum quality and total safety.

An example of this innovation is the pneumatic leveling device used on the manipulators DALMEC, allowing the operator to move the product without using a specific handle or button. That way, the movement is quite natural and accurate. Consequently, operators have the ability to choose the most suitable method for moving their products in perfectly safe working conditions.

With superior design and flexibility, manipulation of the mechanical arm DALMEC can be deployed for application in all production departments of diverse industries, designed and manufactured to meet customer specific requirements and enhance the value of resources at will. of cutomer.

The R&D team in our design and engineering department is constantly working on new ideas and solutions, and thanks to new materials and modern technology, we are able to meet your requirements. the most stringent of handling applications.

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