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Omron is a global leader in the field of automation, the company’s business areas cover a wide range, from industrial automation and social systems, to health care. Currently, Omron provides products and services in more than 130 countries. Hydro-Tek is proud to be the official distributor of Genuine Omron brand Automation equipment in Vietnam.

OMRON – Providing genuine, reputable automation equipment in the world

Omron Corporation is a technology corporation from Japan, specializing in manufacturing and providing products and services in the fields of industrial automation, medical electronics, and solutions for smart society. The company was founded in 1933 in Kyoto, Japan, and has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious enterprises in the technology industry.

Omron operates in many fields

1. Industrial Automation: Omron provides automation products and solutions such as sensors, controllers, and industrial robots to improve efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing processes.

2. Medical products: The company produces medical products and equipment, including blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and health management products.

3. Consumer electronics: Omron provides consumer electronics products such as massage machines, health scales, and other devices to support daily life.

4. Smart Social Technology: The company is researching and developing smart technology solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and applications to create cities Smart and efficient.

Omron aims to develop products and services to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the global market, and is committed to contributing to sustainable development and social community.

Electrical equipment, Omron Automation

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – S8BA

Small DIN rail-mounted DC-DC type UPS to provide an ideal countermeasure to brownouts and transient power outages in industrial computers (IPCs) and controllers.

2712 01
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – S8BA

Electrostatic components

OMRON provides the Ionizer with superior ion balancing capabilities and an Electrostatic Sensor to accurately measure static charge. These contribute to countermeasures against static electricity through Sensor & Control technology.

2712 02
Electrostatic components

Measuring/motor protection relay

Protection device from low voltage to high voltage. Electrical circuits and manufacturing facilities can be protected from abnormal overcurrents, ground faults, voltage drops, and phase interruptions by monitoring the main circuit status of the power supply.

2712 03
Measuring/motor protection relay

Machine automation controller

2712 04
Machine automation controller

Industrial PC platform

2712 05
Industrial PC platform

Hydro-tek distributes the most prestigious pneumatic, hydraulic, and industrial automation equipment today

Hydro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a member of the HYDRO-TEK group in Korea, and has established a leading reputation in Vietnam in the field of distributing electrical/automation equipment products of the Omron brand. and related products in industry such as pneumatics, industrial hydraulics, etc.

With 25 years of experience, we are proud to commit to providing customers with reliability and top quality. Our products are officially distributed and highly appreciated in the industry.

Our professional and enthusiastic staff is always ready to assist customers in the purchasing process, ensuring the best shopping experience. For more information and purchasing support, customers can contact us immediately via hotline: 0906.80.52.99.

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