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Hydro-Tek is proud to be the official distributor of genuine Rexroth hydraulic equipment in the Vietnamese market. We currently supply Rexroth products including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic piston motors, hydraulic valves, pressure sensors, pressure tanks and many other equipment. For more detailed information, you can visit the official Rexroth website here.

Rexroth – A reputable brand for hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic equipment in general

Rexroth is currently a brand owned and directly managed by Bosch Rexroth company. This company is a member of Bosch – the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of drive and control technology. Hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, electro-hydraulic pumps, and guong-coupled hydraulic cylinders from Rexroth all apply this technology. Besides radial and axial piston motors, pressure sensors and Rexroth accumulators are rare hydraulic components that integrate modern transmission technology. In addition, Rexroth is also known as the leading brand in 4.0 technology products that have been successfully applied in the world. These products have brought about positive changes and contributed significantly to the development of many industries. May be mentioned as:

  • Smart Factory technology with ActiveCockpit software helps record, process and display production data in real time
  • IoT Gateway technology helps connect Industry 4.0 environments without interfering with automation logic
  • Open Core Engineering allows Information Technology to connect directly to the Automation Control System

Throughout its 200-year history of formation and development, Rexroth has held a solid position in the market with products serving industries including:

  • Reciprocating transmission, electric transmission and control
  • Technology industry groups: welding, tightening, gearbox, molding and assembly
  • Industrial and mechanical hydraulic equipment

In particular, Rexroth hydraulic equipment always receives high praise from professionals as well as manufacturing enterprises. That is also the reason why this advanced brand’s products are trusted in many mechanical engineering processes at factories around the world. Thanks to the application of the company’s optimal technology, Rexroth hydraulic equipment products are recognized by users as far exceeding standards compared to other brands in both quality and operating performance. Therefore, choosing Rexroth hydraulic equipment is the most optimal solution today for the hydraulic system.

Rexroth hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic equipment are genuine distributors of Hydro-Tek Vietnam

Rexroth hydraulic pump

Power and durable operation are considered the most outstanding advantages of Rexroth hydraulic pump products. This is shown by the fact that the pump can work well when conveying many types of liquid solutions with different viscosities. Rexroth hydraulic pumps are also highly appreciated for their sturdiness and can withstand large impacts. Not only that, the product can also be used in many harsh industrial environments. To increase these practical application features, Rexroth has used the highest quality materials available today. It can be said that up to now Rexroth hydraulic pumps can meet the requirements of all hydraulic systems in the world. Let’s learn about 3 typical products corresponding to the company’s 3 market-leading product lines.

Rexroth axial piston pump


A2FO series 70 axial piston fixed pump
• Compact high-pressure pump with short installation length
• Size 45 … 125
• Nominal pressure 400 bar
• Maximum pressure 450 bar
• Application in open circuit

Rexroth vane pump


Adjustable vane pump, pilot operated PV7 … C / D / N / W
• Size 14 … 150
• 1X component line
• Maximum pressure 160 bar
• Maximum flow 270 l/min

Rexroth radial piston pump


PR4-1X fixed displacement, radial piston pump
• Size 0.40 … 2.00
• 1X component line
• Maximum operating pressure 700 bar
• Maximum displacement 2 cm³


Rexroth electrohydraulic pump

The main difference between an electrohydraulic pump and a conventional pump is that this device uses an electric motor to pump oil. Therefore, this device depends largely on the power supply. However, customers do not have to be afraid of this when using Rexroth electric hydraulic pumps. With advanced transmission technology, the products are guaranteed to operate stably under 1-phase 220V power.


EHP electric hydraulic pump
• Vehicle transmission and material handling systems
• Fixed pump with electric motor
• Pump size 1.0… 22
• Intermittent pressure up to 280 bar
• Nominal voltage 12… 110 V

Rexroth hydraulic piston motor

Rexroth hydraulic piston motors often stand out for their smooth and smooth piston operation. Corresponding to each type of Rexroth hydraulic motor, the piston stroke is optimized accordingly. Specifically with the following 2 forms:

Rexroth radial hydraulic piston motor


Hägglunds CB radial piston motor
• Dimensions 240 … 1120
• Displacement 15100… 70400 cm³ / revolution
• Specific torque 240 … 1120 Nm / bar
• Maximum pressure 350 bar

Rexroth axial hydraulic piston motor


Axial piston variable motor A6VM 6x series
• Multi-purpose high-pressure motor
• Series 65: size 55… 200
• Series 63: size 28, 250… 1000
• Nominal pressure up to 400 bar
• Maximum pressure up to 450 bar
• Application for open circuit and closed circuit

Rexroth tie rod hydraulic cylinder (Rexroth tie rod cylinder)

Rexroth guillotine-coupled hydraulic cylinders possess many advantages thanks to their double action and light weight. The product is available with bore holes in many sizes and is equipped with standard air cushions or rubber cushions. Rexroth guillotine-coupled hydraulic cylinders are made of high-strength steel guong bars that lock threads throughout the parts from both ends of the cylinder head. This feature also makes it convenient to disassemble and assemble the product.

Rexroth single tie rod cylinder


Single tie rod cylinder CDT3 … Z-3X T3 series
• 3X component line
• Nominal pressure 160 bar
• Piston Ø 25… 200 mm
• Piston rod Ø 12… 140 mm
• Stroke length up to 3000 mm

Rexroth dual tie rod cylinder


Rexroth CG70 series 70 dual tie rod cylinder
• 1X component line
• Nominal pressure 70 bar
• Piston Ø 25… 200 mm
• Piston rod Ø 12… 140 mm
• Stroke length up to 3000 mm

Single tie rod cylinder with integrated position measuring system

T3 series CST3 Z-3X tie rod cylinder

10• 3X component line
• Nominal pressure 160 bar
• Piston Ø 40… 200 mm
• Piston rod Ø 28… 140 mm
• Stroke length up to 3000 mm

Rexroth hydraulic valves

Rexroth hydraulic valves use high-quality metal materials to limit external environmental impacts on the product. Rexroth hydraulic valves are available in many types, with specialized features suitable for specific locations in the system.
Furthermore, when mentioning Rexroth hydraulic valves, it is impossible not to mention servo valve products. The characteristic of the valves in this line is that they possess 2 features of 2 types of hydraulic valves in the same product. And Rexroth servo series hydraulic valves always ensure both good performance and safety.
The Rexroth hydraulic valve lines that are being produced and commonly used today are:

Rexroth directional hydraulic valve

Directional solenoid valve 2/2, 3/2 and 4/2 M-.SED6


• Size 6
• 1X component line
• Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
• Maximum flow 25 l/min

Rexroth throttle

2-way throttle valve 2FRM6A


• Size 6
• 3X component line
• Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
• Maximum flow 32 l/min

Rexroth proportional servo valve

Proportional directional valve, direct operated, no electrical position feedback 4WRA …XE


• Size 6
• 2X component line
• Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
• Maximum flow 22 l/min
• Applicable areas according to Explosion Protection Directive 2014/34 / EU: II 2G
• Valve seat protection type: Ex eb mb IIC T4 Gb according to EN 60079-7 / EN 60079-18

Rexroth pressure control valve

DBET directly operated, proportional pressure relief valve


• Size 6
• 6X series components
• Maximum operating pressure 420 bar
• Maximum flow 2 l/min

Rexroth servo control valve

4-way variable internal servo control valve 4WS.2E…


• Size 6
• 2X series components
• Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
• Maximum flow 48 l/min

Rexroth hydraulic pressure regulating valve

Proportional pressure regulator valve, operating in pilot style ZDRE 6


• Size 6
• 1X component line
• Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
• Flow, maximum 30 l/min

Rexroth pressure sensor

First, to increase durability and longevity, most Rexroth pressure sensors are made from stainless steel. The two most important parts, the sensor membrane and the electrical signal amplifier, are applied with the company’s unique technology. Thanks to that, Rexroth pressure sensors have remarkably fast signal processing and transmission.

Rexroth hydroelectric piston pressure switch HED 5 -3X

17• 3X component line• Maximum operating pressure 400 bar
• Pressure ratings 25, 63, 100, 200 and 400 bar
• UL approval
• CCC approval (except MT version)

Rexroth pressure tank

In the basic functions of storing energy and regulating pressure balance for the system, Rexroth pressure tanks can completely ensure good performance. When connected to any pumping device, the Rexroth pressure tank will minimize risks caused by sudden pressure changes.

Rexroth bladder-type pressure tank HAB – CE


• 6X component line
• Nominal capacity 1…50 l
• Maximum pressure 350 bar

Other Rexroth hydraulic equipment

Besides the equipment mentioned, Hydro-Tek Vietnam also distributes the following products:
• Rexroth variable speed pump drive (Rexroth inverter)
• Rexroth offline oil filtration system
• Rexroth hydraulic oil filter
• Rexroth oil filter core

Advantages and applications of electrohydraulic pumps, radial piston motors and Rexroth hydraulic equipment products

Advantages of Rexroth hydraulic equipment

Besides the individual strengths of each product, all Rexroth hydraulic equipment is always trusted and popular in our country as well as many other countries around the world thanks to the following common advantages.
• Use the latest technology
• High quality materials and high durability
• Diverse types and specifications
• Highly aesthetic design

Application areas of Rexroth hydraulic equipment

The environment and work efficiency at industrial production units have improved significantly thanks to the deployment and application of Rexroth hydraulic equipment. These high quality products are currently available in areas such as:

  • Automobile – motor vehicle production line
  • Manufacturing agricultural machines and wind turbines
  • Mining minerals and wood
  • Exploitation and transportation of raw materials
  • Packaging and loading of goods
  • Vehicle machinery
  • Construction works and transportation infrastructure

Currently, Hydro-Tek Vietnam is the leading supplier of hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, paint spraying equipment, transmission equipment and genuine robot arms in the country. Some industrial equipment brands distributed at Hydro-Tek include ANEST IWATA, SMC, CKD, FIRESTONE, CONTINENTAL, HAM-LET,…. Contact us immediately to get advice on suitable products.

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