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Hydro-Tek is a supplier of genuine industrial automation equipment products from major, world-leading brands such as Schneider, Omron, Siemens, Hanyoung nux, IDEC, Autonics, etc.

Hydro-Tek Vietnam provides the world’s leading genuine electrical equipment

Hydro-Tek Vietnam is a member of Hydro-Tek Group, the most famous in Korea and the world in the field of hydraulics. With prestige and deep understanding of the field of hydraulics, pneumatics, and related industries including industrial automation equipment. We have been trusted and cooperated by major electrical equipment brands around the world. Hydro-Tek Vietnam provides genuine automation equipment from major, leading world brands such as:

  • Schneider
  • Omron
  • Siemens
  • Hanyoung nux
  • IDEC
  • Autonics

The world’s leading automation equipment

1. Schneider

Schneider is a French multinational corporation ranked in the Fortune Global 500 and is a world leader in the production of power management products, automation, and solutions adapted to these industries.

The most popular types of Schneider Electric electrical equipment products today:

  • Schneider Electric low voltage switching electrical equipment: ACB air circuit breaker, Schneider Aptomat MCB electrical equipment, Schneider Aptomat MCCB electrical equipment, Schneider Aptomat RCCB electrical equipment, RCBO, ELCB, SPD, etc.
  • Industrial control and protection equipment: Controllers and meters, Power supplies, Magnetic starters, Push buttons/Indicators/Rotary switches, Schneider Electric Relays, etc.
  • Schneider Electric switches, sockets, and accessories: Schneider Electric industrial sockets & plugs, sockets, plugs, waterproof switches, residential sockets, plugs, switches, residential electrical cabinets, etc.

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(Illustration: Genuine Schneider electrical equipment supplied by Hydro-Tek Vietnam

2. Omron

The Omron brand was founded in 1933 in Japan. This is a familiar brand for industrial electrical equipment such as sensors, power supplies, automation systems, etc.

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(Illustration: Genuine Omron electrical equipment provided by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

3. Siemens

Siemens, founded in Germany, is one of the leading brands manufacturing and distributing top-quality, reputable automation equipment worldwide. Siemens is involved in many manufacturing and service sectors such as:

  • Electrical automation and control
  • Electricity
  • Carriage
  • Medical
  • Information and contact
  • Light

For nearly 170 years, Siemens has continuously improved technology, established standards, and created sustainable value for customers, society, and individuals. Up to now, Siemens company is present in more than 200 countries and regions.

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(Illustration: Genuine Siemens electrical equipment supplied by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

4. Hanyoung nux

Hanyoung brand has its headquarters located in Incheon (Korea). This is a global brand in the production and distribution of industrial and automatic electrical equipment.

Main products of Hanyoung Nux:

  • Control devices: HMI, temperature controller, counter/timer, power controller, etc.
  • Sensor devices: optical sensors, fiber optic sensors, proximity sensors, etc
  • Accessories: push buttons, indicator lights, connectors, etc

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(Illustration: Hanyoung Nux electrical equipment genuine supplied by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)


IDEC is a famous Japanese electrical equipment brand, belonging to a high-end product line and is quite commonly used.

Main products include relays, timers, PLC controllers, screens and software, push buttons, indicator lights, electrical cabinet accessories, etc.

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(Illustration: Genuine IDEC electrical equipment provided by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

6. Autonics

Autonics was established in 1977 and has now become a reliable supplier of industrial automation solutions from Korea. Autonics develops, manufactures, and supplies automation products globally.

Autonics’ core products include sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring devices, laser marking systems, connectivity devices, and many more.

Autonics products are trusted and applied by engineers in many different industries including food production and packaging, plastic and rubber processing, semiconductor equipment, and metal processing machinery.

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(Illustration: Genuine Autonics electrical equipment provided by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

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