Hydro-Tek is a leading distributor in the Vietnamese market, specializing in providing genuine Siemens automation products and equipment. With its reputation as a leading global brand, Siemens has supported many industries in the production of high-quality automation equipment. Hydro-Tek is proud to be a trusted partner of Siemens, providing customers with the most modern and reliable automation solutions.

SIEMENS – One of the famous brands of automation equipment in the world

Siemens, a prestigious name from Germany, has affirmed its position as one of the leading global brands in the field of manufacturing and distributing quality automation equipment. With more than 170 years of development history, Siemens has continuously innovated and contributed to many different fields such as electrical automation and control, electricity, transportation, healthcare, information and communication, as well as light.

Siemens is not only famous in the field of automation and control but also expands its presence into many different fields. From innovative transportation solutions to cutting-edge medical technology, Siemens offers a diverse range of products and services to meet every customer need.

Throughout its development journey, Siemens always aims to improve technology and create sustainable value for both society and customers. With a strong presence in more than 200 countries and regions, Siemens is not only a trusted partner but also a pioneer in shaping the future through continuous innovation.

Automation equipment/electrical equipment of SIEMENS brand



SIMOTION – Siemens motion control system
SIMOTION is the Siemens Motion Control System for applications with complex motion control. It is part of the automation portfolio in addition to SIMATIC and SINUMERIK. SIMOTION enables scalable processing of comprehensive motion functions, PLCs and technology functions in Motion Control Systems on several hardware platforms and with a common technical system. SIMOTION offers significantly more flexibility in machine planning and engineering. This further optimizes the overall cost of machine development.



Increase productivity with SINUMERIK

High-performance automation solutions are required for workshops, workshops and large batch productions – accompanying and supporting users on the path to digitalization. SINUMERIK CNC solutions always provide machine tool operators with the optimal solution to solve their specific requirements. Whether for individual parts or mass production – basic or complex workpieces.



SITOP PSU8200 – technology power supply

SITOP PSU8200 is ideal for complex plants and machinery. Wide range input allows it to be connected to any supply system and withstand large voltage fluctuations. Rapid power boost provides three times the rated current. In case of overload, you can choose between constant current and automatic restart or latching off. High level of efficiency reduces energy consumption.



SITOP PSU6200 – High performance – Centralized diagnostics

With its award-winning industrial design, space-saving width, optimized terminals, comprehensive diagnostic options and high operating reliability, the SITOP PSU6200 is an ultra-high performance power supply for standard 12, 24 and 48 V applications.



The smart SITOP is the ultimate standard power supply for many 24-V and 12-V applications, featuring a compact design, excellent performance and low price. It also offers top overload characteristics, delivering 1.5 times rated current for 5 seconds to easily turn on even large loads. With a rated power of 120%, these slim power supplies are among the most reliable.



LOGO! Power

Small – Smart – LOGO!Power. The fourth generation of miniature power supplies are globally proven with a flat, stepped profile design that they share with the LOGO!8 module for high performance in a small space. Comprehensive functionality with flexible settings, current monitoring and high power efficiency enables universal use in 5 V, 12 V, 15 V and 24 V applications.

Hydro-tek distributes the most prestigious electrical equipment and industrial automation equipment today

Currently, Hydro-tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is officially distributing Contitech’s famous shock absorber products in particular and other equipment in the factory including: pneumatics, hydraulics, automation equipment. industry,… in general, top reputation in Vietnam.
Hydro-tek Vietnam Company Limited is a member of HYDRO-TEK group, established in 1994 in Korea. We are committed to bringing to customers:

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