Hydro-Tek Vietnam is proud to be the exclusive distributor of genuine Contitech (Continental) products in the Vietnamese market. We provide Contitech (Continental) products including air cushions or airbags (used as actuators), air pillows (used as shock absorbers), air bladders or airbags (used in vehicles). transportation), pneumatic picking and clamping equipment.

Hydro-Tek – Exclusive distributor of Contitech gas shock absorbers

1. Contitech – Sub-brand of the famous Continental Group

ContiTech is a sub-brand of Continental Group – one of the world’s leading brands in the automotive and industrial fields. The ContiTech brand has over 140 years of experience, specializing in the production and development of high-end technical products and solutions for various industries.
ContiTech is famous for manufacturing high-quality and reliable shock absorbers. Their products comply with strict quality standards and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. At the same time, the equipment is designed to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce energy consumption to protect the environment.

2. Contitech air dampers

Hdro-tek distributes genuine Contitech air shock absorber products (also known as air cushions/air pillows/air bulbs/air tattoos).
With a wide product range including C, D, R, and S-type model lines and customized individual developments, they can master even the most difficult pneumatic tasks in machinery engineering and factories. Continental air actuators are available for pneumatic applications with lift forces from 0.5 kN to 440 kN and diameters from 60 mm to 950 mm. Traveling up to 450 mm is possible.

Model series C


(Contitech shock absorber – model C, officially distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Model D series


(Contitech shock absorber – model D, officially distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Model series R


(Contitech shock absorber – model R, officially distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam)

Model series S


(Contitech shock absorber – model S is officially distributed by Hydro-Tek Vietnam

Hydro-Tek distributes the most prestigious pneumatic, hydraulic, and industrial automation equipment today

Currently, Hydro-Tek Vietnam Co., Ltd. is officially distributing Contitech’s famous shock absorber products in particular and other equipment in the factory including pneumatics, hydraulics, and automation equipment. industry,… in general, top reputation in Vietnam.
Hydro-tek Vietnam Company Limited is a member of the HYDRO-TEK group, established in 1994 in Korea. We are committed to bringing to customers:
• Quality products, reputable, complete information
• Fast technical support and processing
• Good price
• Available goods, fast delivery
• etc
Please contact us immediately for the best purchasing support, hotline: 0906.80.52.99

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